Money For Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve - In theaters now

A simple way for schools, colleges, and libraries to host a screening is to purchase an Educational DVD of Money For Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve, which includes a license for public screenings on campus as well as unlimited in-classroom and library use.

Step 1: Ask your Professor or school Librarian to purchase an Educational DVD of Money For Nothing. (They can click here to pay via Credit Card, or email to pay via Purchase Order or check).

Step 2: Pick a date and plan an event. Most people choose to have a Q&A afterward with Professors and/or members of the local financial community. The film's Director, Jim Bruce, is also available to appear either in person or via Skype for an additional cost.

Step 3: Contact us to arrange delivery of your complimentary promotional materials. We're also happy to post the event on our website and provide advice on how to plan a successful event.

We also include the following promotional materials:

  • One Full-size Movie Poster
  • An e-flyer to be send out via email or posted online

For more information, email Jim at

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- Further details about our Educational DVD can be found here.

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