Money For Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve - In theaters now

Money For Nothing: Inside The Federal Reserve is an independent, non partisan documentary film that examines America's central bank in a critical, yet balanced way.

Narrated by the acclaimed actor Liev Schreiber, and featuring interviews with Paul VolckerJanet YellenJeremy Grantham and many of the world's best financial minds, Money For Nothing is the first film ever to take viewers inside the world's most powerful financial institution.




Upcoming screenings

Date Venue
Sep 23 4:45 PM Charlotte, NC CFA Society North Carolina at Queens University
Oct 9 5:00 PM Honolulu, HI CFA Society of Hawaii
Nov 5 7:00 PM Scottsdale, AZ Cinema Society of Scottsdale
Nov 6 4:00 PM Surprise, AZ Cinema Society of West Valley
Nov 6 4:30 PM Surprise, AZ Cinema Society of West Valley

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