Money For Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve - In theaters now

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Westwood - UCLA - Physics and Astronomy Building (PAB) Room 4-330

Wednesday 23 April

Presented by the American Freedom Alliance

Admission: $15 at the door

Screening followed by Q&A with Director Jim Bruce.

At the UCLA Campus - Physics and Astronomy Building - Room 4-330

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campus map and parking is accessible through:


Lot 2 - $2 for 4 hours



Enter east side of ucla, preferably
at the traffic light at westholme
drive 100 feet to the T intersection
at the next traffic light.
turn left, proceed down the hill and
then about 200 feet, to the second driveway
entrance to the large Lot 2 Parking Structure
on your left. this driveway is for METERED
PARKING so it has no gate blocking the
entrance. park in one of the numbered
spaces. remembering your 4-digit space
number, walk over to the huge replica of
a parking meter and punch it in to the keypad.
then pay 4$ for 2 hours of parking, by cash
or credit card.
Exit the structure the way you
drove in, cross the road, and take a right
turn, heading north on the sidewalk.
after passing the Geology building on your

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